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Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to

answer the most common questions visitors to this Web site may have.

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It has been some time. Busy keeping you all connected and safe (at least some of

you), and hoping that no one got into trouble in the meantime…

Tip #9

- you have a picture and there are items on there you do not want:  here is a product that is great for removing unwanted items:  PhotoUpz  - this little tool is great for touch-ups, repairs, removing watermarks, sharpen and improving the picture in general.  And it does it very quickly and it is easy to use.  Give it a try, it should be in your photo toolbox for sure.

Tip #8 - You want to backup your important files but think it is too complicated or cumbersome:

- well, there are programs out that do this for you unattended and every day and night.  Some programs are free and let you backup to external drives, FTP sites, thumb drives etc.  Others cost you depending on features and how many computers you want to back up.

  Please contact me if you are looking for automated backup solutions.

Tip #7 - "How come my computer is infected, I have virus protection,ever since I

bought this thing, and now it has failed me!".

Most computer users do not realize that the virus protection that came with their

computer at purchase is only good for 30 days, maybe a few month, before it


Sometimes you get a whole year of free protection, but after that, you have to

renew the subscription, buy another program or be unprotected and get slammed

with viruses and trojans who will find their way into your computer in seconds flat.

Treat your computer like you would treat your car:  it needs maintenance and the

occasional tune-up.  Every day, there are hundreds of new viruses and trojans

created, which your virus program can catch, if it is only updated regularly, as it

does not know about the new threats until it is being told about it. Neglect the

updates, and the doors are wide open....

If you need help keeping your system up to date, please call or email me at

443-902-4518 or, I am here to help you stay safe.....

Tip #6 - The difference…

this tip applies to all who thought that Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows are

one and the same: Microsoft does produce both, but they are different: Microsoft

Windows runs the computer, it is the Operating System (OS), it is in charge of

everything you see.

 It comes in many versions and is constantly changing; right now the most common

Microsoft Operating Systems you will see are Windows XP, Windows Vista and

Windows 7. Microsoft Office on the other hand will not run your computer but it will

allow you to create documents (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), presentations

(Publisher), emails (Outlook), databases (Access). The most common versions of

Office are Office XP (this is one of the culprits for the confusion, as one mistakes

this one for the Operating System XP), Office 2003 and Office 2007. If you need

any more detailed explanations of the "difference" please feel free to contact me @

Tip #5

Looking for concert tickets? Visit this site to help you find the best deals: ;  Fansnap gathers deals from a wide range of ticket services and

presents them in a good looking page.  Charts will show the distribution of prices for

an event and show a map of the seating with icons for the available seats.




this is for Facebook users who may have gotten an email stating that their

password was reset:  do not open the attachment.

Over the last two days, millions of messages have been sent.

The messages appear to come from Facebook, with a return address that looks

legitimate but has been spoofed, such as "," The messages say

that the user's Facebook password has been reset and the user should download an

attachment that contains the new password. The English-language messages are

grammatically correct, but contain an odd sign-off: "Thanks, Your Facebook."

The attachment is actually a Trojan horse program, which infects a computer

without any visible signs. It containes a variety of malware programs, including

password stealers, rogue antivirus programs or botnet code.

No Web site would automatically reset someone's password and send the new one

in an e-mail.  Facebook's high number of users makes it a prime target for

spammers and hackers.

If you have opened this attachment you may now be infected and may need

professional help to remove this malware.



Tip #4 - time for another tip

- plenty of us need to use MS Word for word processing, but few realize that the

documents contain a lot more information:  tracked changes, comments, hidden

text, private properties, and more. Sending out a document with this kind of data

present can be embarrassing or even illegal.

The solution in Word 2007:

- click on the Office button at the top left , point to "Prepare", and click "Inspect

Document". After the inspection was run, click on each item that needs fixing

The solution in Word 2003:

- Click on Options, Security tab;  check the boxes: " Remove personal information

from file properties and save", and "Warn before printing, saving or sending a file

that contains tracked changes or comments"


Tip #3

 If you are on the hunt for a new computer or intend to upgrade your existing

device with a shining new operating system, Windows 7 is out there and it looks

pretty good. Most new systems will ship with Windows 7 installed. Look out for the

64bit systems though:  unless you are getting all new printers and attachments

approved for Windows 7, your current printer will probably not work if you get the

64bit system.  Also, certain browser functions and PDF functions may not work

properly.   Stick with the 32bit Operating System and it should be smooth sailing.

Ask the Sales Person to make sure that 32bit is what you will get.


Tip #2

- more about dust - your computer uses fans to cool the innards and keep the

processor from overheating. Heat is the biggest enemy! Unplug the computer, move

outside, remove cover, and use compressed air to free the fans and any air ducts

from the dust that has accumulated. If your computer is overheating, please call



Tip #1

-  wipe monitor screens with a used dryer sheet to remove the dust, this will keep

the static at bay for a few days and your screen dust free. Make sure the sheets

have been used already.